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  • Works on Mobile devices
  • Weed Polygon Mapping
  • Free to Use
  • REAL TIME data
  • Create your own maps
  • Find Susceptible Sites
  • Overlay Own Data Layers
  • Measure weed infestations

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Net Maps- Another tool in mapping noxious weeds

We're pushing the mapping boundary by offering some new creative techniques for your weed mapping needs.

As part of a collaborative effort between the US Forest Service, the University of Georgia and the University of Idaho, Net Maps was born. The focus of NetMaps is to get susceptibility maps on the ground for some of our western states to use in their war on noxious weeds. These maps have been designed to aid field workers in the task of finding weed populations. Using the latest science technologies, the University of Idaho has been able to identify sites that are more susceptible to particular weed species. You can use these maps in our online GIS to help determine where to look for weeds. It helps save you and your agency time and money by conserving your man power hours on the ground.

Our NetMaps system is comprised of 2 parts. First we have the data collection part which allows land managers to use our ArcGIS data collector to collect weed areas (polygons) and get that data to the cloud. From here, the data is used to fine tune our models and to help improve our accuracy with the results. The second part is our online GIS where you can see and interact with our models and data. This online system is FREE to use and enables land managers to print their own maps, track weed infestations, measure sites, and more.

Net Maps


Use our online maps to get started. Create custom maps to help in your data collection efforts. Create your own work plans and decide how to collect your data. You remain in complete control from start to finish.


Download and use our Collector app and start mapping your weeds on your own maps today. No cell service required! All maps are available for offline data collection.


Now that you know where to look, be diligent in your monitoring efforts. Regularly check your sites and monitor any changes.

All Skill Levels

New to GIS or just looking for an easy system to collect data? You've come to the right spot. Our collector app can be installed and up and ready in less than 20 minutes.

Our online map tools are easy to use and do not require any special software or licensing. Log on today to start making your own maps.


For the users who are somewhat comfortable with mapping and GIS, we offer some more robust tools. Use the Collector app to calculate areas, get directions, download for offline use, and more. Explore some of our tutorials and learn how to unlock some of the features.

Using our online maps, search for content, calculate acreage of infestations, create and print your own customized maps. Our system has been designed to make your jobs easier. Browse through our maps and then create your own. See just how easy online mapping can be.


For the more advanced users, we offer quite the array of data collection tools with our NetMaps package. Users can create their own online maps, customize data collection features, add their own map services, and upload their own GIS layers. Our system works on all types of hardware: Trimbles, Androids, Windows, and Iphones.

Our advanced features have already been developed with you in mind. Use our online tools to add your own county ownership layers, drag and drop your own shapefiles, track infestations, and much much more. The possibilities are endless and we welcome your feedback.


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Site Susceptibility Maps
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